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Welcome to my Aussie Home Page!

April 28 2000

Wow, can you believe how time flies?????  It's already the end of April!!  This has been another momentous month for us....well for me anyway. This month my little baby girl has turned a whopping 14. I can hardly believe it myself. I was looking at her baby picture, one that was taken right after she had taken her first steps...there she was in tears because she had fallen and hit her lip. Now she has her own web site, with some modeling pics on it that none of you will believe!! Go and take a look at it....   

Now here is a shocker for all of you. Remember I said that I had quit smoking.....well I have made it past the 15 week mark without a cigarette. On top of that, I have been off the patches for 2 weeks. I'm not happy about the weight gain....but I have succeeded in quitting and now consider myself a non-smoker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here's me throwing away my last packet of cigarettes

Ken is currently on we have been taking advantage of this and getting out for some more siteseeing. We are certainly enjoyed the last bits of our summer. We have been to the animal sanctuary and petted the kangaroos...driven along the Great Ocean Road and seen koalas in the wild, seen breathtaking sunsets while we viewed the 12 Apostles, tried our hand at 10 pin bowling (we sucked at this!), and partook in miniature golf as well.  Ken will be putting lots of new photos on, so go on in and have a look. Make sure you all send emails and let me know how you're doing! 

We plan to take off on Monday and drive to the next state.....New South Wales.......there we can stop in Sydney to see a few sites. I'm hoping that we can see some of the Outback, as well as an aboriginal village.... have a friend in Sydney that works with a tour company, so I hope he can give me some ideas.  We have one last week before Ken returns to work, so we hope to really take advantage of it. 

Dustin is hard at work, training for the first karate competition. He loves the sparring. He is also spending a lot of time on the computer...playing games, downloading and generally becoming more acquainted with it. Do you realize that he will be 17 this year??  He loves it here and loves fitting in. he has picked up on all the slang of course!!! 

For those of you that have been checking out the page, and haven't been sending me any mail.......get on it!!! I miss all of you as well you know!

Well, it's that time again...time for me to sign off and let Ken upload this. Be good, take care of each other!