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At The Beach

Australia is one big island, and the good part about that is that it is surrounded by beaches!

Some of the beaches we've been to so far are: Edithvale, Beaumaris, Portsea, Sorrento and Anglesea.

From where we are in Oakleigh, it's only about 10 minutes from our door to the beach at Beaumaris where some of these pictures are. Because we are in the bay area, we have a lot of choices for beaches close by. However, the kids got some boogie boards for Christmas, and have been trying them out at the surf beaches. I love the scenery along the ocean roads, it's so dramatic.


This is where Ken grew up. His parents live about 5 minutes walk from the beach here and recently his brother's family have moved back here too. We've spent more time here than any other beach. During the summer it got so hot that we stayed here until after sunset and swam in the dark at least once.

Sunset    Dustin Silhouette    Another Sunset


Located about 20kms south east of the city centre, Beaumaris Beach is on Port Phillip Bay. A rocky outcrop along an otherwise sandy beach is full of rock pools that can be explored while the tide is out. It's about 15 minutes from where we live.

This was the kids first taste of the ocean, and we had a great time looking in the rock pools and exploring all the squiggly things in the water.

    Squiggly things         Dustin and Nicole         Niki testing the water


Portsea beach is right off of the ocean, so it gets nicer waves. We had a great time exploring, and being tourists. We have been lucky enough to be having wonderful weather. The temperatures have ranged between 25 degrees and 40 degrees celcius. Yes, we wear lots of sunscreen!

There is a dark side to Portsea beach ... in 1966 Harold Holt, the Australian Prime Minister went for an early morning swim here and never returned - his body was never found!

    Portsea Beach        Us at Portsea


The shot of Sorrento was taken high up on a cliff, overlooking the beach. I just love the colors. Dustin and Ken went body boarding, but Nicole and I were a little weary of the rocks, so we chose to use the time to explore the rock pools and cliffs in the area.

    Sorrento         Nicole at Sorrento          Dustin Body Boarding


Nicole and I braved the waves at Anglesea and had a great time swimming and playing in the waves with Dustin and Ken. There was lots of sun, sand and water!

    Dustin and Nicole at Anglesea        Dustin the surfer dude

After swimming at Anglesea beach, we took a drive along the coast and came upon the lighthouse at Airey's Inlet. Of course, being from the prairies of Canada, this was the first time the kids had actually seen a real lighthouse. Ken posed for us, so we could have some perspective on this picture. Isn't he a cutie!!!


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