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Welcome to my Aussie Home Page!

March 26 2000

Hello again everyone.

I'm a bit slow at updating this letter aren't I? Oh well, for most of you, you know that sometimes I get a bit scattered  with too many things on the go at once.  I want to thank all my friends and family for the wonderful warm thoughts on my birthday. For those of you who missed it....well you better have a good excuse...ha ha ha.

The kids and Ken made this birthday extra special and treated me like a Queen. I enjoyed breakfast in bed to start the day off. Then we strolled along the pier at St Kilda, walked through the Botanical Gardens, went for dinner, a movie followed and to top the evening off, we returned home for some lovely home made cake. Kyle called while we strolled the garden, and wished me a happy birthday, so that was really special. I sure miss him. So any of you that see him, please give him a hug for me.

As some of you have noticed, we added some new pages. One of them is the karate page! The kids have joined the club, and enjoy learning self defence as well as those cool karate moves. They have tested already for their red belts. It was a nerve wracking time for them both, but of course they both passed with flying colors. 

None of you will believe this, but not only did I attempt to quit smoking, but I have stuck with it, and have now passed the 8 week mark of no smoking. ! Of course it is still touch and go, and I'm still moody (ha ha ha) but am sticking with it. The kids and Ken have been really supportive about it. Not sure how they have survived me a lot of the time, as I seem to have some problems coping!!

I'm aware that spring has sprung in Alberta, so you will all be enjoying some lovely weather. Winter is now here for us, so we have not had the best of weather. Today it's only 25 celcius....ha ha ha. Evenings is cools down to 15, so it sure is nice sleeping! I of course think its perfect. Can you believe that when we went to the mall, they have fleece mitts, winter parkas, and scarves!  They bloody well think its cold here. Ken says its freeeeeeeeezing. 

Nicole will be celebrating her 14th birthday on April 4th, so don't forget to email her, phone her or send her a card. Her email is . She loves to get email from everyone, almost as much as she loves to talk on the phone. 

For those of you that have been checking out the page, and haven't been sending me any mail.......get on it!!! I miss all of you as well you know! 

Well, that's all for now. I promise that I will be a little more consistent with writing on here, at least every two weeks. Only you all have to promise to email me more often!! Take care everyone, we love you all.