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Welcome to my Aussie Home Page!

November 10, 2000

Hello there everyone! I know it's been a while since I updated this letter, and I apologize. The kids have been busy getting settled in their new school. Of course for us that means lots of driving them around to new friends. Don't they look cute in their school uniforms? It is taking them a while to get used to the fact that they have to wear a uniform. The bonus is that there isn't this mad scramble in the mornings trying to figure out what they are going to wear. Lots of people figure that it costs less now for me, they are still teenagers, so they still want lots of clothes. 

Dustin had a formal last week, and looked smashing in his outfit. They don't celebrate their graduation here like they do back home, instead they have a year 10 formal. Of course we have lots of photos, and will get them on hopefully next week some time. He is continuing with his Karate, and is now an Orange belt. It's really good to see him interested in something. He also does numchucks, and is really good at that. It's hard to believe that he is 171/2. Soon my other baby will be a man! He is suppose to be having an extra role in a movie coming up, Queen of the Damned, so he is really excited.

Niki is having a great time, going to lots of dances, concerts, and generally being a teenage girl. Last week she found a baby bird laying on the ground. Of course she brought it home. We managed to find someone in the Australian Animal Rights to look after it. She had a debate at school this week as well. She tells us she lost. Unfortunately for her, she was on the negative side arguing how the Australian Football League has ruined Footy for the Aussies. She doesn't realize that she had lost that one before she started! But they did well, only losing by 2 points. Nicole is also to be playing as an extra in the movie. She now has an agent for her modeling, and hopes to get loads of work. She figures that she will be coming back to Canada for a visit. So far she saves $5 a week from her allowance toward her trip!

We have regular contact with my biggest baby, Kyle. he is still hoping to get out here at Christmas. I sure hope so, as I miss him like crazy! We got a lovely picture of him and his girlfriend, Kyla at her graduation. They make a beautiful couple! Ken will get that photo on here as well, so you can all see them together. I understand that if you pop into the Wainwright Credit Union, Kyla has a picture at her work station as well. 

I have started doing my toll painting again, and have had a bit of fun painting the Australian native flowers. I'm currently painting Nicole's desk, and adding a bit of toll to it as well. Ken plans to put some of the photos of the things I have painted on a site soon, so you can all check that out.

A few of my friends and family celebrated birthdays in the last month, so Happy Birthday to Ralph Vye (Oct 1), Charlotte O'donnell (Oct 30), and Laura Poulton (Nov 2). I won't tell you how old they all are..ha ha ha.

A good friend of mine, Kelly Keith, has informed me that she has met the man of her dreams, and will soon be marrying him. Congratulations to you Kelly, you deserve the very best!

Ken and I have been busy doing the yard work. Things are always changing around here, as we both put our likes and styles into our home. We went out to a comedy show the other night and had a blast! It was really nice to get out and just be with other adults! We had a lovely bar-b--que as well, to celebrate that we had gotten our visa's. we ended up with over 30 people here, and would you believe that it rained! Actually it was a lovely time, with lots of food, drink and gifts. Ken's parents presented us with a lovely gift and welcomed us to their family. They have been very supportive and loving towards us. 

Ken will be celebrating his 37th birthday on November 18th. He says that if any of you is planning to send him a gift, you better send it airmail or express post to get it here on time! Maybe while your at it, you can give me a couple of suggestions as to what to get him! I figured that I should get him a dishwasher for his birthday. Only problem is that I'm afraid then I might get a cricket bat for Christmas!

Well that's all for now. Hope your all staying warm, I know I am..ha ha ha. Love you lots, and will get out the Christmas cards soon, so make sure I have your address! Take care.