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Welcome to my Aussie Home Page!

October 12th, 2001

Well the auction has been and gone and we've sold our old home. We're getting ready for the move and so we thought we'd show you what our new home looks like.

Our new home

It was getting dark when we took the photo, so it's not too clear. We'll get some better ones when we actually move in.

September 27th, 2001

Hello Everyone!  

I know it has been a while, but I have no excuses except the same one you all use, I have been busy

We're flat out at the moment, not only with all the wedding plans, but we have bought a new home!!!!   It is a four bedroom home, much larger than the one we currently have. Best of all, it's only a 3 minute drive to the beach. We can't wait to move in on November 9th!!!!!!! But that also means that we are selling the home we have now. They are a bit odd here, so the house is up for auction. What it means is they have open house a few weeks, then everyone that is interested comes back for the auction. It seems to be the big thing here at the moment. So the auction is on October 6, thankfully. I'm getting tired of cleaning house so damn often. 

Hopefully you all got your wedding invitation, if not, let me know and I will get it out to you. Ken has been hard at work, and has created another web site with our bridal registry, as well as some other neat stuff, so go check it out and let him know what you think. If you want to visit our wedding web site, click here.

I started working with a couple of Health Care agencies at the end of June and they have placed me at a few different locations over the past 3 months. I now seem to have settled with Yooralla and am in the process of changing from temporary to permanent. I'm mainly doing case management, and love the pay! Not crazy about the waking up in the morning, or the driving, but I'm sure I will get used to it. Driving that is, those of you who know me, know I will never get used to waking in the morning.

Nicole is on Spring Break at school, so she's got 2 weeks off. She finishes year 10 off with a field trip to Queensland's Gold Coast in December. She currently has a new boyfriend, not a bad bloke. She is quite the little woman these days. She continues to work part time at Safeway as well, so she's a busy girl.

Dustin has quit his job at the toy factory and is looking for work in the security industry, as he has his security guard license. For a while he was talking about joining the army here, but with all the conflict that is going on in America I have asked him not to. Yes, the terrorist attack in New York has had its ramifications as far as here as well. On top of that, Dustin went down and had dreadlocks put in his hair as well. They are all the rage here! Must have something to do with the beaches, surfers and the like. Not sure that I'm crazy about them, but I guess he's an adult now! 

Ken is still working at IBM and hopes to take some time off when we move. He is doing really well  at avoiding most of the wedding preparation, which seems unfair as he was the one who wanted the wedding. I of course elected to just go away! He is really excited about moving, as now he will have an office. That and the fact that there is a lot of blue in our new house, one of his favorite colors. That and purple. On top of everything else, it is footy finals here (aussie rules football) so he has been parked in front of the television most days the last week. 

Well, that's all for now. Hope all of you are doing well. If you know that I don't have your mailing address, please forward it to me via email so that I can get the wedding invitation out to you. Hope you can all make it, but will understand if a few of you can't! Love and best wishes.


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