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     Welcome to my Aussie Home Page
(Updated February 24th, 2000)

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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my web page. This site is filled with pictures of our journeys since we left Canada, so please be patient as they sometimes take a while to load.

Leaving Home ...

Here are Nicole and Dustin showing off their new haircuts in Singapore during our stopover on the way to Australia. Singapore was a beautiful place, and we would love to go back there. The service was unbelievable!! The kids enjoyed their first taste of another country.

Where are we now?
I'm in Australia - Melbourne, Victoria ...

More specifically I'm in Oakleigh South, which is about 20kms south east of Melbourne city centre. They are different here, though Oakleigh is a suburb  of Melbourne, they only call the city centre Melbourne. Look at the map, Frankston, Oakleigh and Dandenong are all part of Melbourne. It is huge! About 40 kilometres radius from the city centre.


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